Disco Coffee Roaster


About Disco Coffee

“We want to change the world by making people happy with coffee.  Taking it one farm, one bean, one cup and one home at a time.”

To do this, we create, build, craft, design, package, fill and innovate.  Ingenuity is ingrained in our thinking which is why we are flipping the industry on its head and taking texturized coffee drinks from our cafes directly to the homes, offices, and playgrounds of our customers.

Our mission is to deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door!

Why Disco Coffee

We won’t tell you how much you’ll love our coffee. We’ll let you taste and see for yourself—it’s a party in a bean!

Disco Coffee puts the fun back into your morning buzz. Our coffee is not pretentious—we provide an approachable experience from purchase to grind. Our beans are ethically-sourced and our team is diverse and creative.

Who we are:

A family-owned business, we value laughter, camaraderie, authenticity, and passion beyond profit. Led by husband and wife duo, Sean and Kalea Flynn, we take pride in our team of knowledgeable roasters and coffee experts.