Is working from home not working? Try CoWorking!

Here’s a solution: Sign up for a coworking space near you

Remote work is here to stay. We’ve gotten used to the time/ money saved not commuting or buying that $8 salad for lunch, and now many are realizing that they actually hate working from home. Coworking could be the solution.

Between the endless interruptions some may find the pitfalls of remote working are too much to keep up productivity.

“A 2017 United Nations report found that 41% of remote workers reported high-stress levels studies show that remote work may be contributing to, compared to just 25% of office workers.”

And that report was made in 2017! One can only imagine how much that number has increased since COVID.

Here’s an alternative solution to your problem. Join a coworking space. Coworking environments not only offer the change of scenery you need to feel refreshed for your workday but it allows you to “leave your work at the office.”

coworking space

Worried about safety? Our rigorous sanitization protocols help support safe collaboration in a productivity-boosting environment.