La Colombe

La Colombe at Huntersville Main Street Coffee & Coworking

Who is La Colombe?

“We want to change the world by making people happy with coffee.  Taking it one farm, one bean, one cup and one home at a time.”

To Do this, we create, build, craft, design, package, fill and innovate.  Ingenuity is ingrained in our thinking which is why we are flipping the industry on its head and taking texturized coffee drinks from our cafes directly to the homes, offices and playgrounds of our customers.

La Colombe’s History

In 1994, two guys opened a café in the middle of downtown Philadelphia.  In that shop off Rittenhouse square, they roasted small-batch, specialty coffee.  They introduced Philly to a warm, social café experience.  The two walked the city, knocking on doors of illustrious chefs.   They demonstrated to them that fine coffee can be paired with fine cuisine in an international, culinary way.

Now, over 20 years, millions of pounds of coffee, and a new beverage category later, Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti continue working towards their ultimate goal: Making people happy with coffee.  By forming close, long-term relationships with coffee growers and putting care and attention into roasting, coffee can be made infinitely better.

These roasters became the country’s largest independent coffee company.  We now operate 16 cafes in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston.  Our 5 wholesale offices provide coffee service to hotels, cafes and restaurants across the country.

La Colombe at Huntersville Main Street Coffee & Coworking