Nitro Cold Brew

A great brew to kick those rainy day blues. Straight from the tap, this slightly fizzy cold brew is charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, foamy texture as well as a touch of sweetness with no sugar added! Not your typical cold brew, those tiny cascading nitro bubbles give it a rich in body effect making each sip reminiscent of a stout or even a dark lager. 
Watch it transform, guaranteed you can’t take your eyes off it! 
So, how does it work?

Nitrogen, a colorless, odorless gas, is infused into a keg of cold brew coffee to create that creamy, fizzy, and foamy texture. Seem familiar? It’s the same process used in Guinness beers!

Like beer, nitrogen-infused cold brew is released through a high-pressure valve to create that signature texture and taste. Not to mention a stunning reverse cascading effect!

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