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The Grape Whisperer

Amy is a wine expert, connoisseur, and self-proclaimed grape enthusiast. With a nose for wine and a palate that can detect even the subtlest of flavors, she’s no ordinary sommelier. From swirling, sniffing, and sipping to geeking out over vineyards and terroir, Amy’s devotion to wine knows no bounds. When Amy’s not exploring vineyards, you’ll find her sharing her grape wisdom with fellow wine aficionados.

So, whether you need a wine recommendation, a guide to pairings, or just someone to have a good laugh with over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, Amy is your go-to gal. Just be prepared to become a wine lover yourself, as she’ll infect you with her grape-galore enthusiasm. Cheers to the grape-est adventure with Amy.

Uncork & Unwind!

Join us for an intoxicating wine tasting event where we unleash the magic hidden within each bottle!

Prepare yourself for an evening of sipping, swirling, and a whole lot of laughter. Our talented sommelier will lead you through a grapevine amusement park, where you’ll encounter bold reds, delicate whites, and mysterious blends from across the globe.